Your Personal Path Back To Wholeness

May 06, 2021

We were all born into this world perfectly, whole beings. Then childhood happened. By no fault of our own, and most often beyond the awareness of our caretakers, we became disconnected from this natural state of wholeness by way of the inevitable; emotional trauma (wounding) and societal/cultural/familial conditioning. However, being the resilient creatures that we are, we learned to adapt in order to survive, as we’ve done since the beginning of time. We learned to please our caretakers to earn their love and “fit in” to be accepted by our community (tribe). 

So, many of us learned to pursue someone else’s path or expectation of us, unconsciously believing that it would make us worthy, accepted, and finally lead us back to wholeness. Maybe you got the degree, went down the expected career path and/or found a partner who, too, would be accepted by your (childhood) tribe. Or maybe you rebelled, got as far away from your origins as possible, and yet “home” somehow seems to follow you everywhere you go. Whether that be the people you attract or the circumstances you find yourself in. 

You see, whether you choose to be aware of it or not, our lives are directed by this unconscious/subconscious need to become whole again. It drives the career we seek, the mate we’re attracted to, the state of our health, wealth and beyond. Perhaps no better example of this is in our romantic relationships. Imago Relationship Therapy says:

“We all think that we have freedom of choice when it comes to selecting our partners. But regardless of what it is we think we’re looking for in a mate, our unconscious has its own agenda. Our primitive “old” brain has a compelling, non-negotiable drive to restore the feeling of aliveness and wholeness that we came into the world with.” 

Unfortunately, these unconscious agendas too often result in painful, (re)traumatizing experiences, reminiscent of our childhoods. (More on this another day)

However, instead of jumping from one relationship/job/etc to the next or staying “stuck” in it, these pain points can actually be used as signposts to get us back to this essential state of wholeness, so we can feel truly alive again. I believe this journey back to wholeness is a BIG part of our life’s purpose. You know, the reason your soul chose to come here and go through the shit you’ve been through 🤔

It’s a whole different ball game from here. 

From wholeness, you can create/do/be virtually anything 💫


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